Anonymous surfing has never been easier

We are happy to bring you with our new features which will make it easier to browse anonymously and protect your online privacy. We have updated with several enhancements and tools that will come handy when you are looking for proxy sites for protected browsing. Given below are some of our major updates:-

Open Proxies / Public Proxy Servers

We now have lists of open proxies (HTTP, Socks 4 and 5 proxies) which can even be downloaded all at once. These proxies can be used by changing the proxy settings of your browser.

SSL Web Proxies

SSL web proxies are now available in These are web proxies which have secure connection (https) and should be used for sensitive data. However, the site owner can always intercept and therefore, you must use them with caution.

Free Online Tools

We've also launched several Online tools which can be used for analysis, tracking and location of ip addresses, etc.

Browser Extensions

Till Date, we have two browser extensions - one for ip analysis and another for our web proxy list for Google Chrome. Proxy List Addon is getting popularity in chrome webstore and we are planning to add support for HTTP/Socks proxies also.

Apart from these, we've introduced several enhancements including site theme and proxy lists sorted by country, ip, script, etc.


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